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La Superbe Art de la Patisserie!

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A Fashion ICON!

 Daphne Suzannah Diana Joan Guinness

or simply


One of the most influential fashion Icons
of our time!


 The Costume Institute at New York’s Metropolitan Museum is now presenting an exhibition in Honor of the Great Designer, Alexander McQueen!





A must see!

Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty
May 4, 2011–July 31, 2011
Iris and B. Gerald Cantor Exhibition Hall, 2nd floor


The Super chic Harrods Celebrates the Royal Wedding!

The HARRODS windows and the cakes ideas for the Royal Wedding !



Madame Hermès!

Leïla Menchari a tunisiana que nos ultimos 30 anos se responsabiliza pela direção de arte das mais lindas vitrines de Paris, as da loja Hermès no 24 rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré!

Leïla Menchari a tunisian who, in the last 30 years is responsible for the direction of Art of the most beautiful Windows of Paris, the Hermès store at 24 rue du Faubourg Saint Honore!

Leïla Menchari une tunisiene qui au cours des ces 30 dernières années, est responsable pour la direction d’art de les plus belles vitrines de Paris, la boutique Hermès au 24 rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré! 





The Great Erté!

Romain de Tirtoff, known by the pseudonym Erté was  born the 23 November 1892 in St. Petersburg, Russia. He was an amazing talented artist and designer,  who flourished in an array of fields, including Fashion, Jewellery, Graphic Arts, Costume and Set Design for film, theatre and opera, and Interior Decor.

Monsieur Erté died in Paris, the 21 April 1990, he was 97 years old!


The Hats at Ascot !!!