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Queen Marie Antoinette’s Breguet!


She was on-time!


In 2005, Nicolas G. Hayek challenged himself to precisely reproduce the Queen Marie-Antoinette watch, stolen in 1983 from a Jerusalem museum. Simultaneously, near the Queen’s residence at Versailles, Le Petit Trianon, the favorite oak tree where she liked to day dream was about to be struck down. Nicolas G. Hayek decided to extend its life by fashioning a presentation case to hold the second Marie Antoinette watch. Versailles offered the tree to Montres Breguet, who committed to the restoration of Le Petit Trianon in memory of this particularly loyal patron. As the watch neared completion late 2007, the spoils of the 1983 robbery suddenly reappeared in Jerusalem and the original Marie-Antoinette was part of the recovered lot. The saga continues. Montres Breguet has yet not had the opportunity to inspect the watch to this date. Presented today in Basel, the Queen of all watches reveals a host of complications. Research in the archives and study of original drawings from the Breguet museum and from other key institutions like the museum des Art et Metiers in Paris were the only available sources of information available to complete the formidable task.




Sobre lrrcreative by Luis Roberto Rios

Diretor de Arte, Ilustrador, Estilista, Figurinista, Maquiador FX(efeitos especiais), Escultor, Artista Plastico, Designer de Interiores. / Art Director, Illustrator, Fashion designer, Makeup artist, Sculptor, Interior designer.

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  1. Lú, adorei, como é bom me transportar para outros mundos de vez em quando…..obrigada, ana carla


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